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Keeano is the 1st search engine for coastlines and beaches around the globe. It provides personalized results to the user and it aims to give a brand new perspective on the “sea and sun” tourism concept. It is a crowdsourced application that helps users to find the most suitable beaches based on their own preferences and needs. Keeano has been distinguished as one of the most innovative Greek startups for 2016-2017 , through the innovation and entrepreneurship program egg – enter•grow•go.

We came up with this idea in Summer 2015 and started  developing our product in July 2016 as a team of 4 people. We are currently a private company of 5 persons/ beach fanatics who aim at making keeano the ultimate tool in the sea tourism industry.

Families, couples, LGBT+, surfers, pet keepers, elderly, PwDs, boat keepers and more can find the most suitable beaches to visit and have a great day in their own unique way.

Restaurants, beach bars, hotels, tourist shops, diving centers, tour operators, surf shops and every professional who targets sea lovers can benefit from keeano.